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VIDEO: Skylines (Original)

VIDEO: Skylines (Original)

I’m excited to share this new series “Notebook Sessions” with you. I write songs ALL the time and wanted to show you a more personal side of me the best way I know how-with my music and lyrics!! These songs will be stripped and most likely not be part of my upcoming EP (unless you want them to be). But I hope you enjoy them and feel inspired in some way. Please share them on your pages if you love them!! xo This one is about believing in your dreams despite all the doubt that may come along the journey.

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© Lyrics written by MZ:

Skylines call me
Big sights, big cities
But I’m one soul from humble beginnings
If I board this plane, will it land me?

Or will I fly above
Lost in clouds of dreams
Circiling the lights
Close enough to touch, but just too far to reach
Just too far to reach

Big rooms
Packed with people
They know my name, they sing my words to me
But there’s silence
And the crowd is blurry
If I scream out loud, will they hear me?

Or will I stay above
Drowning in my dreams
Circling the crowds
Close enough to touch, but just too far to reach
Just too far to reach

See the world below me
All those man-made trophies
Aren’t as far as they appear
If I chance it all with faith
Then I could just let gravity
Fly me safely from the air

Call me
But this time, I’ll be answering
Cuz I’m one soul
But I’m bigger than my body
When I board this plane
I’ll be landing


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