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The Power In Living Honestly

The Power In Living Honestly


Dear friends of the internet,

I know there are probably a million instagram models, youtube tutorials, online articles and general people in our everyday lives telling us what and who we should be. The truth is, a lot of us are still figuring that out and we aren’t ever one static thing. We are ever-evolving growing, changing, beautiful humans. This isn’t another attempt at advice in telling you to “be yourself”. We might not know who that self is exactly, like I mentioned before.

However, one thing everyone knows is what feels good and what doesn’t. What gives our stomach a tight, closed feeling and what gives us a fluttery, open tug. That’s your intuition. I am a firm believer that life is about learning, through experiences, how to trust your body and your mind.

This applies to what you think you should wear, what you should say, what path you want to take in life. When doing particular things or making particular choices that feel good to you, you are walking in your truth. Mind you,  some good things might seem like they “feel bad” because they could be scary and challenging -you will learn the difference.

Basically, the elusive term “be yourself” is just being honest with yourself. Spend time getting to know yourself and evaluate your friendships, the situations you encouter, etc. Learn to listen to your truth, find that truth and LIVE in that truth. That is what BEING YOURSELF really means. When you are able to be honest with YOU then you can work on being bold enough to be honest with everyone else. Living this way is freeing and hopefully will guide you to live your calling. THIS is the power you gain that no one can take from you. THIS is your constant amidst chaos.

Closing out with the following MANTRA. Repeat this a few times out loud:

“It is not my responsibility to make people like or love me. It is my mission to make people like or love themselves, by simply being myself. When I live my life honestly, I give others permission and courage to do the same.”


You are loved.


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