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Songwriting in Korea

Songwriting in Korea


Best time of my life visiting Seoul, Korea to write music this past week. Felt such an internal growth and breath of fresh air within my spirit. Collaborated with some insanely talented musicians, producers, writers and DJ’s to create some bomb K-Pop juice. I love writing for other artists especially internationally.  I feel like I’m able to be creative in a completely different way than I am with my own music. There’s a slight less attachment to the feelings and a greater freedom to create outside of myself.

I was able to catch some of Seoul Fashion week. I’ve always admired Korean street style so that was such an exciting moment. If you follow me on snapchat (mariazeee) you saw some of the outfits I ran into. In other news, the weather was too perfect and I ate a lot of great food. The only thing missing from this was that I wasn’t able to visit a puppy cafe. Yes, in Korea they have cafe’s with games, coffee..and puppies :( <3

Huge thank you to the label SM for being the best hosts (always).

Check my blog for more pics of the trip HERE


ps. some of my own music coming from this trip too ;)



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