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Bling the New Year In With Sparkle

Bling the New Year In With Sparkle



New Year’s eve was lit! And of course that means hella sparkly. I don’t believe in ringing in the new year without a least SOME sparkle and this year I had it from head to toeeeeees LITERALLY.

This has been my favorite NYE outfit so far. I traded in the dress/skirt situation for some super comfy sequined pants. The top was see-through in order to maintain the touch of femininity. I didn’t want to feel like I was wearing a tux. My diamond-heels made me feel like I was Cinderella with NO curfew. These are really great pieces for any event so if you like any of them individually- check the details below:

top: black mesh body suit from Sorella Boutique! Fits like a glove.

pants: black sequin pants from Sorella Boutique. Length is perfect for shorties- material stretches like a jogger pant.

bra: Victoria Secret lace from PINK line

shoes: off-brand boutique. I couldn’t find anything similar online, but this is the closest I found at a reasonable price HERE



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