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Red Latex & Captain Hats

Red Latex & Captain Hats

Super excited to introduce what is known as the “Greek Fisherman’s Hat” aka the Captain style hat. These hats are a staple piece in Greek culture (made in 1886 as a workman’s cap for seaman) and currently fashion’s hottest accessory. Of course, being of Greek decent, you know I had to rock one. They are typically quite expensive, especially when getting the authentic brands. However, you can scoop one up for under $20 at stores like H&M. That’s where I got mine!


Also, pull out your RED this season. Red is the go-to color for fall. Obviously, we start our own trends. But it’s a good excuse to make that power statement you know you’re good for or at the very least, a good time to stock up on some great plush red pieces :)


SKIRT : forever21 feaux leather

SHIRT : diamond supply co (this design out of stock)

HAT : H&M Captain’s Cap

BOOTS : lola shoetique- mogul moves

** ADDITIONAL GREEK FISHERMAN’S HATS : village hat shop **



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