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Notions & Detachment

Notions & Detachment


Letting Go of Notions

Thinking back to almost every time I’ve experienced pain I realize there’s typically one common factor. I felt pain because I was EXPECTING a specific outcome and instead, received something completely different. Even something so simple as expecting a hot oven to be cool, touching it and suffering from a now blistering burn.

Through this lil thang called life, I’ve learned that it’s best to be open to any outcome in every situation. I don’t believe we are ever exempt from future pain, but we can learn to cope a little more easily and ultimately find emotional maturity in accepting life as a series of meant-to-be’s.


Art of Detachment

Part of learning to let go of notions is learning to live as detached as possible. What I mean by this is living with open hands vs clenched fists. Our ego follows us everywhere. In every relationship, job, decision we make. We want what we want, when we want it! If we let the things that come into our lives dance into our hands without entrapping them, we won’t be as concerned if they decide to waltz away in the hands of another. And let’s be real, most things jiggy their way out 99% of the time. Life is just ever-changing! My favorite quote of all time would probably have to be the following:

“the only thing constant in life is change”.

We are so pressed for things to be the way we want and have such a hard time seeing them leave. We cry, we kick and scream. If you ask me, if something leaves I know something greater is on the way. I’m continuously practicing and sharpening this perspective. Obviously, we are human and we must grieve and heal from loss or the expectation of having something great. But this journey is about continual growth and all we can do is gently remind ourselves to stay in check and that everything is going to be ok.






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