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VIDEO: 24Seven (original)

VIDEO: 24Seven (original)

hiii my favorite people! here is my first video of the new year and the 2nd song in my notebook session series! i wrote this when i was imagining the ideal moment after you find someone. the part when you pass all the awkward feelings, realize that everything just makes sense and fall in love with their presence. you just want that never-ending, 24Seven love. don’t forget to share this on your pages! heart youu xo MZ

© Lyrics written by MZ:

Never have i ever never no, no
Loved another boy as much as you
Never have I ever wanted more
Wanted it so fast and all once

It’s a little scary
I think that we’re heading
Just a little over our heads

I never imagined
I would find somebody
But i think that its all happening

Too much, Too soon
We’re so young
But all I wanna do
Is ignore all the rules
And 24/7 love you

24-7, 24-7, 24-7 love you-that’s all I wanna do

Never has this timing felt more right
Never has my heart felt every piece of heaven fall from the sky
Never has anything compared
To every little second that we spend

It’s a little funny
How we always agree
Like we’re sown from the same hand

You’re so perfect to me
My version of complete
Like every book I’ve read you are the end

Too much, too soon
We’re so young
But all i wanna do
Is ignore all the rules
and 24/7 love you


All hesitation gone
No fear to run from
Never have I ever had
The chance to give my all
Before you came along
And i promise ill be more than good to ya


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