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Funkified Slip Dress

Funkified Slip Dress



If you’re into fashion even just a little (or if you were a girl alive in the early 2000’s), you clearly recall the many moments Carrie Bradshaw stepped out on the streets with her slip dress/night gown. You know, that thing that’s meant to be worn UNDER your outfit.

As always, I’m bringing you 90’s realness and going bold with the slip pairing it up with 2 of my fav east coast accessories: Timbs & a snapback. I wanted a rough sporty look, but if you’re a bit more of a girlie-girl just add heels and a braid! Ultimately, you should accessorize with whatever makes you feel like YOU. Either way try to add a different element to offset the delicate material of the dress like #lace or #leather, for example. I chose #metal with stacks of chain necklaces.

DRESS: My favorite TanCandy line

HAT: Vintage store

SHOES: Brand name Timberland Heel Boots // Knock off Timbs- High Heel Work Boots (I prefer these because I like the shorter version since I’m a shorty)


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