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Face Finds 2017

Face Finds 2017


I love trying new skincare products. Here are a few I have tried and have decided to keep as part of my routine. Check them out!

CLEANSER – Rice Water Bright by TheFaceShop 

The Face Shop is a fairly new Korean line of skin care. It contains natural micro-beads for a gentle exfoliation + rice bran and rice. You apply on dry face until you run out of lather then add water. It leaves me with the softest skin! It’s my go-to exfoliator when I want something that works, but isn’t too harsh.


MASK – Luminizing Black Mask by Boscia

Black peel-off charcoal masks are popping up everywhere. This is my favorite one I’ve tried. It gets rid of surface-level impurities and black heads. I use it maybe once a week.

PUFFY EYES – Caffeine Solution 5% by The Ordinary

Comes with a dropper in serum form & actually contains 5% caffeine. I’ve tried a million under-eye products. This one doesn’t reduce the color of circles that much, but it helps reduce puffiness. It’s super cheap too!



ACNE SPOTS – Help Me Retinal Night Treatment by Philosophy

This is a retinol night treatment. It’s like the acne treatment for “adults”. I adore the company, Philosophy and had doubts about this. It’s a milder version of Retin-A. In the mornings, my skin just looks a little tighter and smoother.


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