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The BADDIE Chronicles: Keke Palmer

The BADDIE Chronicles: Keke Palmer


This is for all my baddies. Typically a “baddie” is a term used to describe a girl who is gorgeous and physically on-point. However, in my world..a BAD chick is a female who is bold, can stand her ground and is not afraid to live the inspiring life she has always imagined. Keke Palmer is a baddie and an awesome role model. In the video below she interviews Karen Civil who is a blogger, author and kind of everything-girl (and of course, hands-down, Baddie material). She speaks about her journey and discusses some lessons, I myself, have learned over time as a musician/entrepreneur. Check out the moment with Keke below:

Here are some key points that I live by and as a BADDIE you should too:

1. Not knowing how to do anything is not an excuse: GOOGLE IT!

2. Never allow anyone to tell you what can or can’t be done. Everyone is only capable of filtering their opinions through their own limitations.

3a. Keep your romantic relationships private. If your partner needs you to post pictures of you two together, or has a problem with you utilizing your social media from a brand perspective vs a personal one, than they are simply insecure. Obviously, respect their presence and show them you are proud to be with them/grateful for their love, however, be clear on your desire to keep the things you cherish safe and away from the crazy internet. Use your own judgment and style with this, of course, just know-privacy has always been better for most couples in the long run.

3b. Involving your partner in your career (and you in theirs) in order to support one another and become a “power couple” is definitely goals, guys. But it’s very important to build a solid foundation of trust and take it slow. You have been working hard for your dreams, so just be wise and protect your peace.

4. You CAN do everything. There are no limits. As Karen mentions, being in the studio working on a hip-hop record doesn’t make you less qualified to attend a political rally campaign. Basically, you can do whatever you want, dress however you wish and socialize with whomever- that highschool “clique” mentality you see in movies like “Mean Girls” is not by any means the way we should categorize one another. You are a vessel that is called to bring value and light into the world. Take that with you ANYWHERE you wish to go.

5. I ALWAYS say this: Go where you are CELEBRATED, not just TOLERATED.

xox MZ


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